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Notebooks that foretell deaths, numerous urban legends, and murders with no clues... a series of strange incidents occur, and people are lead into a deep labyrinth of mysteries. Five fledgling teen detectives of the Dan Detective Academy, which was founded by the legendary and renowned detective, Morihiko Dan, work together to solve such difficult cases. Stealthily at work behind the strange incidents is an evil crime syndicate called the "Meiosei". They are a group of intellectuals who have long antagonized the Detective Academy run by Morihiko Dan. The five youngsters make their way forward a step at a time as they come face to face with death, clash with one another at times, reconcile, and deepen their friendship. This is a pop mystery drama series about youth friendship and adventure in the face of united efforts against dark forces.

Tantei Gakuen Q - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2007-07-03

Tantei Gakuen Q - Detective School Q - Netflix

Detective School Q (Japanese: 探偵学園Q, Hepburn: Tantei Gakuen Kyū) is a manga series, written by Seimaru Amagi and illustrated by Fumiya Satō (the creators of Kindaichi Case Files), originally serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine between 2001 and 2005, spanning 22-tankōbon volumes. It was adapted into an anime series, produced by Pierrot, spanned 45 episodes, and aired in Japan on TBS and the anime television network, Animax, who had also later broadcast it within respective networks across Southeast Asia, South Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, translating and dubbing the series into English and other languages.

Tantei Gakuen Q - Takumi Kuzuryu - Netflix

The Double Sealed Room In Q Class' Building Testa Di Drago violin Shi 'Un Ryu vase Kachofugetsu (Flower, Moon, Wind, and Bird) Kumikibako box Nine Headed Dragon Buildings (Nine Seiryuukan) Poisonous Black Bird Feather Woman's picture The Double Sealed Room In Q Class' Building The Q Class' Building looks normal, but has a secret room, not marked in the building's architectural plans. The first door to this room has a puzzle, which needs to be solved to unlock the door. The painting holds 10 dragons in it - to solve it, the painting needs to be changed to hold 9 dragons, signifying Kuzuryu's name. The second door is seen upon ascending some stars. This door looks more likely made to keep a prisoner in, since there is a small slider, which could be used to give food to the prisoner and also, the latch is outside only, with no means to unlock the door from the inside. It is in this room that Kyu and Megu are trapped and Megu gets bitten by a Pit Viper. Kyu is set against time to get out of the prison and save Megu's life. As Kyu and Megu are locking in the room, Ryu, Kinta and Kazuma try to solve the mystery of their disappearance. This room and the puzzles involved are shown both in the anime and the manga. Testa Di Drago violin The Testa Di Drago violin (Italian, meaning Dragon's Head) is a superb violin, said to be superior even to the Stradivarius. The scroll (the top or head) of this violin carries the figure of a dragon. The violin is worth several millions and is currently owned by the violin maestro Yuge Masaomi. The violin and its master and students are involved in a mystery involving a series of murders of the students, as Masaomi had asked them to gather to choose the successor of the Stradivarius. This mystery involves the whole of class Q. The mystery are shown both in the anime and the manga. Shi 'Un Ryu vase The Shi 'Un Ryu (Purple Dragon) vase is owned by the old lady at the Kusonoki house. Kuzuryuu made use of her father's tools to make ceramic pots, one of which he left behind as a token of appreciation. The lady even carried a photo of herself with Kuzuryuu in her possession. There are many people eying to sell the vase, even as the old woman stubbornly refuses to sell it. The mystery involves the disappearance of the vase, on the day when all the ceramics are being re-wrapped to keep them safe. The mystery involves only Ryu and Kyu and is portrayed only in the manga. Kachofugetsu This mystery involves the whole Q Class, as they set out to prepare themselves for the forthcoming class determination exams and spend their time at Kinta's family house at the Gunma prefecture. Kiriyuu Ukon is a childhood friend of Kinta and the mystery involves a set of three spirit paintings (Setsu Gekka - Snow Moon Flowers - referring to the three seasons, Winter, Autumn and Spring) at the Kiriyuu house. The mystery of the paintings is combined with tragedy when the sisters at the Kiriyuu house are murdered one after the other. The involvement of Pluto is clearly shown as Cerberus/Kerberos places a bet with Ryu, with Kyu secretly watching them, challenging him to solve the crime, or return to Pluto. Initially Cerberus gets away, taking with him the paintings as the consolation. This series proves to be a particularly difficult case to solve for the Q Class, as even Dan himself gets involved to finally solve the case and even capture Cerberus, and also getting the key phrase to unlock their hypnotism on victims. Later Ukon reveals the mystery of the paintings to be Kacho Fugetsu (Flower, Bird, Moon, Wind), with the fourth painting painted in the ceiling of the Kurayami Shrine. This mystery involves the entire Q Class. It is also the first time that the Q Class meets Nanami, who has been secretly watching over them from the shadows. The story is portrayed only in the manga. Kumikibako box The Kumikibako box is held by the Tsukimura at Yozakura village. The box carries several designs on it, including two similar dragons, but no visible means of opening it. But it carries a saying by Confucius - “When a dragon is docile, even a human can ride on its back, but when its fury is aroused, we are all but victims.” The Yozakura village is connected to the rest of the world by only a single suspension bridge, Kazura bridge. Even within the village, there are other ravines, which are passable through similar bridges. Several people assembled here a year ago, including a detective named Azuma, where a murder occurred. Being the sole witness of the case, Ohtori tells everyone that he would make a sculpture of the murderer and reveal it. It is widely known that having lost his voice, Ohtori, who kept himself locked up in his room, allowed only Tsukimura Kikue to approach him. But Ohtori ends up being killed the very night before the sculpture would be revealed. With the sculpture smashed to pieces, there is no way to know who the murderer was (since Tsukimura Kikue was not present during the time of the murder). Kyu resolves the case, as it involved himself as the murderer's alibi. He also successfully opens the box, to reveal two envelopes and a photograph. One of the envelopes is from the murderer, and the second one is from Kuzuryu. Kyu is alone in this case, as he was the only one to go to the village, and doesn't contact anyone from Q Class. The story is portrayed only in the manga. Nine Headed Dragon Buildings (Nine Seiryuukan) Nine Child dragons and also known as “Seiryuukan” are a series of buildings architecturally designed by Takumi Kuzuryu. The name of each building is related to Nine Chinese Child Dragon tales. Originally, the buildings were all Takumi Kuzuryu's. At some point, the Amakusa family also owned four of the buildings, which were acquired by their servants when they disappeared. And as the time went by, the buildings became owned by various owners. DDS's old building, the one carrying Class Q's current classroom, is the one of these. Here is the list of the buildings and their owners in order - Bixi (Hikki) : Owner: Tsubaki Benishiro. Characteristic: Bixi, looks like a giant tortoise and is good at carrying weight. Tsubaki Benishiro is the former maid to the Amakusa family. She had this building turned into a French restaurant. She is Kyousuke Benishiiro's wife. Jealous of Miki Nanamura's beauty and the fact that her husband was attracted to her, she caused an accident to ruin Miki Nanamura's face, thus ruining her chance of becoming an actress. The third murder, of Tsubaki herself, occurs in front of this building. She dies buried under a giant tortoise shell, holding a taser in her hand. Kazuma and Megu find a note written by Ryu near the corpse. Suanni (Shunkei) : Owner: Sofu Yanagi, Characteristic: Suanni looks like a lion and likes smoke. Sofu Yanagi is a university professor and also middle school mates with Dan Morihiko. Chiwen (Chifun) : Owner: Aya Mitsumoto Characteristic: Chiwen, looks like a beast and likes to see very far. Aya Mitsumoto is a novelist. When all the owners of the various Dragon buildings are invited together, Aya Mitsumoto appoints DDS to check into the matter. She also seems to be very interested in the on goings and findings of the detectives, as she loves mysteries. Later Kyu when determines that Pluto in involved in this case, he also deduces that Aya Mitsumoto is Cerberus in disguise. Bi'an (Heikan) : Owner: Shiro Takagi Characteristic: Bi'an, looks like a tiger, and is powerful. It is often found on prison doors to frighten the prisoners. Shiro Takagi works as a software consultant. He is actually King Hades in disguise Ryu's father was kidnapped and trapped in this building by King Hades. Taotie (Totetsu) : Owner: Kyosuke Benishiro Characteristic: Taotie loves to eat and is found on food-related wares. Kyosuke Benishiro is the former driver to the Amakusa family. He is also the husband of Tsubaki, but is having an affair with Miki Nakamura. Kyosuke has converted the building into a gallery. The last murder, of Kyosuke Benishiro, occurs in here, in the presence of the investigating police, Q Class (except Ryu) and the other owners of the Seiryukan buildings. He dies by drinking coffee, whose ground beans were poisoned by the feathers from the Poisonous Black Bird Feather Woman's picture. Baxia (Koufuku) : Owner: Miki Nanamura Characteristic: Baxia likes to be in water. Miki Nanamura is the former maid of the Amakusa family. Being beautiful, she always dreamed of becoming an actress, but this dream was ruined when Tsubaki 'accidentally' ruins her face. She has converted her building into a stage for theater performances. The second murder occurs in this building, where Miki Nanamura dies by drowning after her neck was cut. Kinta and Tsubaki Benishiro bear witness to the presence of Ryu near the corpse. Yazi (Gaishi): Owner: Morihiko Dan & Satoru Renjo Characteristic: Yazi likes to kill. This building is the building of Q Class. Formerly, this building was used by Morihiko and Satoru as their first DDC office. King Hades was trapped in this building by Takumi Kuzuryu long time ago because Takumi believed that King Hades tried to murder his daughter. Pulao (Horou) : Owner: Koji Ebizuka, who is director of a design company Characteristic: Pulao, looks like a small dragon, and likes to roar Although nobody reveals it, it is actually Sir Charon who is disguised as Koji Ebizuka. Jiaotsu (Shozu) : Owner: Takuma Udo Characteristic: Jiaotsu looks like a conch or clam and does not like to be disturbed. He likes the covered and safe places. Takuma Udo is the former butler to the Amakusa family. He has converted the building into a hotel, known as Seiryukan Hotel. All the owners of the buildings are invited to this hotel, where Amakusa Ryu also appears. The hotel also has other arts of Kuzuryu Takumi, like the famous painting by Kuzuryu Takumi, the Poisonous Black Bird Feather Woman's picture and a room with two glass doors, carved by Kuzuryuu Takumi. The party room, Jiaotsu, contains two doors - the Frog door which is blocked by a champagne tower and the Snail door. It is said that if both the doors are opened simultaneously, 'The Wrath of the Dragon will be Awakened'. The first murder, of the owner Takumi Udo, occurs here. He is killed by a blow to the head and only Ryu was seen arriving after him in the room where his body is found, as recorded by the camera. The case begins as all the owners of the Seiryukan buildings are invited to Hotel Seiryukan. The invitation is supposed to be from Dan Morihiko, who, obviously, has not sent it. The Dan Detective school is also sent a threat letter which reads 'Those who incur the wrath of the dragon will receive death'. With Dan-sensei bedridden, Nanami, as the acting principal, sends the Q Class (with the exception of Ryu, who has set off on his own), to investigate. Four murders occur around the Seiryukan building, all people who used to serve the Amakusa family. This, along with the fact that Ryu was seen by one or the other person around the corpse or around the time of the murders, leads to Ryu becoming the prime suspect. Even as Ryu flees, members of Class Q are unsure of his innocence, as they believe he might have committed the murders due to some reason after regaining his memories. The fact that he is King Hades' grandson also acts against him. Kyu remains the only one who believes in him due to their former promise. The case is later resolved by Kyu, as he solves the murder mysteries, discloses the involvement of Pluto, the presence of King Hades himself as one of the buildings' owner, hence proving Ryu's innocence. Poisonous Black Bird Feather Woman's picture This is a painting of a woman, and incorporates poisonous black feathers from the Zhen as a part of the painting. Kuzuryuu Takumi painted it inspired by the paintings in the folding screens in the Shosoin treasure houses. It is said that even one of the feathers has enough poison to kill an adult human. The painting is in display in the Jiaotsu room of the Hotel Seiryukan, with security camera to in the hallway keep it safe. One of the feathers is stolen to be used in one of the murder plots.

A multi-talented genius artist, whose artworks influenced many cases that involves the Pluto, DDC, and DDS as well. One of his designs became the first DDC office building, and later, Class Q's classroom. He had created many priceless arts like Testa Del Drago Violins, a vase with the outline of two people, three mysterious paintings, a small sealing box named Kumikibako, and many others. He is also mysteriously related to Senrinryu hotel. Ryu describes that all of his masterpieces draws the evil which then results in a crime. In the later part of the manga, it is revealed that he is the biological father of the leader of Pluto, Hades. Being ashamed of his relation with Kokuo, Hoshihiko's mother, he refuses to accept Hoshihiko as his legitimate son. Even though Takumi Kuzuryu loved his son, he feared the dark potential that lied deep down inside of Hoshihiko Kokuo. He mistakes Hoshihiko helping his legitimate daughter stand up from a fall as him trying to make her fall (and possibly kill her) and decided to have him imprisoned for the rest of his life in a secret place. Ironically, this act turned Hoshihiko Kokuo-who felt betrayed, into King Hades, the founder/leader of Pluto. Takumi Kuzuryu's Known Art List

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