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Rock of Love: Charm School, known as Sharon Osbourne's Charm School in the UK, and as Charm School: Rock of Love Girls in Germany, is the second season of the VH1 reality television series Charm School. Fourteen contestants from both seasons of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels are competing to develop proper etiquette in order to win \$100,000. Sharon Osbourne is the host. Rock of Love: Charm School first aired on VH1 on October 12, 2008. Brandi Mahon was ultimately named Charm School Queen and was awarded the \$100,000.

Rock of Love: Charm School - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2008-10-12

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Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School, known as Charm School: Flavor of Love Girls in Europe, is the first season of the VH1 reality show Charm School. It is a spin-off of Flavor of Love created by the producers of The Surreal Life and Flavor of Love spin-off I Love New York. It is hosted by comedian actress Mo'Nique, assisted by talent agency president Keith Lewis and magazine beauty director Mikki Taylor, and features thirteen contestants from the first two seasons of Flavor of Love, assigned the challenge of developing proper etiquette in a competition for $50,000 and the title of “Charm School Queen.” The show was recorded over 25 days in an Encino mansion during Fall 2006. Saaphyri Windsor was ultimately named Charm School Queen and was awarded the $50,000.

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First aired April 15, 2007 Each girl was introduced and the audience was told why they were chosen to go to Charm School, via clips from Flavor of Love. From the first season, Smiley returned due to her emotional outbursts, especially the one the night of her elimination; Serious, for her egomania during a confrontation New York had with Hottie, Goldie for drinking, passing out and vomiting her first night in the house; Pumkin for spitting on New York; Rain for engaging in a screaming match with New York and Hottie for her “adorable” behavior, which, amongst other things, led her to present raw chicken to Flavor Flav and his mother. From the second season, Saaphyri returned due to her fight with H-Town and her subsequent elimination an hour into the competition; Bootz for “hating” on other contestants; Buckwild for being the blackest white girl, Like Dat for her slovenly table manners; Buckeey and Krazy for their balcony fight which led to Buckeey's elimination; and Toasteee due to her revelation that she posed nude for pornographic websites and production companies. The headmistress of this season ended up being Mo'Nique. As they entered the house, two people were introduced to assist Mo'Nique in eliminations: Mikki, an Essence magazine editor, and Keith, from an entertainment agency and beauty pageant coordinator. All the girls received their pledge pins from Mo'Nique and threw out their name tags with their nicknames from when they were on Flavor of Love. Saaphyri was the only contestant on Charm School without a nickname, due to her disqualification for fighting with another contestant (H-Town) before she received one on Flavor of Love 2. From this point forward, each contestant was referred to using their real names. A mixer was then held for the girls to have talks with Mo'Nique and the deans. For their first challenge, the girls went on a sisterhood retreat, having to take a two-mile hike to their campsite from the bus with each of them lugging items for the camp. Thela immediately blew a fuse, saying she has an “Achilles heel” and can't hike two miles in the woods. She ended up doing it, although complaining the entire way. Schatar was the first to reach the campsite, but came with only one log and a bag of candy while the rest of the group reach the campsite later with the rest of the items. At camp, the girls struggled with setting the tent and preparing food. Thela starts to lose patience as no one helps her find a can opener, and she has a minor breakdown. Leilene tries to comfort her, although fearing she would look weak as well. Mikki appeared at the campsite later that night to instruct the girls to nominate two captains for each team for the next day’s challenge: Saaphyri was nominated, and Leilene stepped up to be a captain. Early in the morning, the girls received a wake-up call from a Drill Sergeant (Franklin Dennis Jones) who took them to a marine boot camp obstacle course. Becky remarks that she would date him and that he was cute (at least to her). Darra immediately gripes, as she is not very athletic. Keith and the Drill Sergeant appeared as well, showing the girls the course will teach them the value of teamwork, and afterwards, a member of the losing team was expelled. Despite being instructed to choose the teammates that would help the team to win, Leilene picked Thela (who was complaining about her leg) and Darra (who is not athletic), so their feelings wouldn't be hurt. She showed her weakness as a captain and it continued to show when she tried to motivate them, and did not have a strategy. Saaphyri's team won the challenge, as Darra could not get over the rope wall in the obstacle course and had to be pulled down by her teammates, costing the challenge for the team. Before the elimination, Thela went to Mo'Nique's office to have a one-on-one with her. This meeting is damaging to Thela because she says that when she gets angry, she “cannot see”. She also admits to getting high and Mo'Nique believed that she was high during the interview. Larissa remarks that if Thela could get a one-on-one with Mo'Nique, it was unfair that everyone can't have one. At the elimination, Leilene and Darra were called out for their weakness, but Thela was ultimately eliminated. Mo'Nique mentioned that Thela could have been a potential hazard to herself and the rest of the girls, and it was best if she was expelled. Challenge Winner(s): Saaphyri, Becky, Courtney, Jennifer, Larissa, Schatar, Shay Bottom 3: Darra, Leilene, Thela Expelled: Thela Reasons For Elimination Thela - Mo'Nique felt that Thela's anger was a very serious issue, and that what she needed was more drastic than what the show could've done for her.

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