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Two transfer students, Atsuko Maeda and Onizuka Daruma, arrive at Majisuka Gakuen, an all-girls yankee school where fights and violence are common. While Daruma is eager to prove her strength to the strongest group in school, Rappapa, Atsuko does not care about fighting. Soon enough, the Majisuka students learn about Atsuko's true power and force her to fight them.

Majisuka Gakuen - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-08

Majisuka Gakuen - Sakura Miyawaki - Netflix

Sakura Miyawaki (宮脇 咲良, Miyawaki Sakura, born 19 March 1998) is a Japanese singer and a member of the Japanese idol girl groups HKT48 and AKB48. She is vice-captain of HKT48's Team KIV and former concurrent member of AKB48's Team A. In the General Elections of AKB48, she was elected as No. 47 (2012), No. 26 (2013), No. 11 (2014) No. 7 (2015), No. 6 (2016), No. 4 (2017), and No. 3 (2018). As one of the group's future super star, she became the center (leading singer & dancer) of AKB48 43rd single “Kimi wa Melody” (You're melody) which is AKB48's Tenth Anniversary Memorial single in January, 2016. On 2017, together with Jurina Matsui from SKE48, the two next generation ace that also known as Jurisaku pair, are chosen to be the WCenter (double centers) for AKB48 group commemorative 48th single “Negaigoto no Mochigusare”. In 2018, Miyawaki joined reality girl group survival show Produce 48.

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