En Daarmee Basta - Netflix

Divorced teacher Bert Vandenbroeck introduces his new partner Patsy, a neurotic regional TV presenter. Bert's youngest son Joost immediately falls in love with his new stepsister Isa, a however popular girl that shows no interest in him or his friends.

En Daarmee Basta - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: None

En Daarmee Basta - Tom Bouden - Netflix

Tom Bouden (born 1971, Ostend, Belgium) is an openly gay Belgian artist, best known for his comics albums, which often satirize old-fashioned Belgian comics.

En Daarmee Basta - Career timeline - Netflix

1990: a gay youth club asks Tom Bouden to make some illustrations for a new campaign. Soon, the figures on the poster (Max and Sven) have leading parts in their own comic. Based on these stories, Tom Bouden is asked to draw a comic on a regular basis for the monthly Belgian gay-magazine ZiZo. A year later, the Dutch magazine Expreszo follows. 1994: The gags from these magazines are collected in his first album, Flikkerzicht. 1997: Publication in the Dutch Gay-Krant, scripts for Disney-Comics and various texts for TV and theatre. 1998: Tom Bouden begins to work as assistant for Hec Leemans, author of the famous Flemish newspapercomic FC De Kampioenen. 2000: Publication in the German magazine 'Queer' and 'Freshmen', the Dutch Gay & Night and the English DNA-magazine. The 12th album is published in German and English. He's also busy writing stories for The Smurfs. 2002: The first Kid City-book, based on the site www.kidcity.be is published in French and Dutch by Editions Dupuis. 2004: A second English publication:the book Max and Sven (Green Candy Press), and a French publication: Max et Sven (H&O). 2007: The German publisher Bruno Gmünder starts publishing books by Bouden in English. 2010: Bouden reboots De Lustige Kapoentjes. Bouden's comics have been translated into French, German, English, Spanish, and Italian. Next to his gay comics, Bouden also works on adaptations of novels and children comics based on Flemish TV-shows. He worked very briefly as a writer for The Smurfs and Donald Duck.

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