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Captain Barbell is a superhero drama television series based on a character of the same name created by Mars Ravelo. It was aired on Philippine television by GMA Network during weeknights on its primetime block. The series premiered on May 29, 2006, and last aired on January 12, 2007. It also aired worldwide, with a three-week delay on GMA Pinoy TV. Richard Gutierrez plays the superhero, Captain Barbell and his alter ego, Teng. His archnemesis Viel Villian, is played by Richard Gomez.

Captain Barbell - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Tagalog

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2006-05-29

Captain Barbell - Captain Barbell (TV series) - Netflix

Captain Barbell is a Philippine television drama action fantasy series broadcast by GMA Network. The series is based on the character of the same name created by Mars Ravelo. Directed by Don Michael Perez, it stars Richard Gutierrez in the title role. It premiered on May 29, 2006 on the network's Telebabad line-up and worldwide on GMA Pinoy TV. The series concluded on January 12, 2007 with a total of 165 episodes. It was replaced by Asian Treasures on its timeslot. A sequel to the series Captain Barbell aired in 2011.

Captain Barbell - Main cast - Netflix

Richard Gutierrez as Captain Barbell/Arell/Potenciano “Teng” Magtanggol - was catapulted from the 22nd century to the present time. He was found by an elderly couple, who renamed him Teng and adopted him as their grandson. Even from youth, he exhibited remarkable physical prowess but it was not until he found the mystical golden medallion-barbell plate that he obtained the ability to transform into Captain Barbell. This barbell has properties beyond transforming Teng, it also gives him his strength when not in Captain Barbell form. The abilities that the element endows Teng seems to be limited to only enhanced physical athletism along with flight and enhanced perception, making him less versatile than Darna who happens to wield several psychic powers at her arsenal. Richard Gomez as Viel Villian/General - is the wealthy patriarch of the Villian family and head of Villian Corp. He is an obsessive man with a tendency to control and manipulate people, including his own sons. Viel is fascinated by the remarkable abilities of Captain Barbell. His fascination is boosted by the fact that he suffers from an ailment that he believes only Captain Barbells blood can permanently cure. He has hired a scientist named Dexter, who specializes in robotics and genetics to make some experiments for his own benefit. In the future he is the General. Patrick Garcia as Levi Villian - is the eldest son of Viel Villian. A spoiled rich kid, Levi is regarded by his father as a weakling in desperate need of lethal character transformation in order to deserve the Villian legacy. He is in desperate need for his fathers approval. Teng rescued Levi from a car accident, and it is from this incident that they have built an awkward friendship. Camille Prats as Marikit “Kit” Salvacion - is one of Tengs best friends. A bossy, smart-mouthed girl who is frequently pegged as a tomboy (lesbian). Although shed like to deny it, Kit has romantic feelings for Teng, a fact that she has confessed to Bobby. Teng later realizes that he loves Kit more than Leah. Rhian Ramos as Leah Lazaro- is the daughter of the Marravelos town mayor, and also the campus princess. She is often the subject of his fathers verbal abuse who is a belligerent drunkard. She used to date Jared until he was transformed into a monstrous wasp-creature. She is the object of Tengs unrequited affections, and as such, has been saved by Captain Barbell more than once. JC de Vera as Boris - is Captain Barbells brother who first appeared as a villain. He is reunited with Teng and his family after knowing that Viel Villian is just using him in his plans. Ryan Yllana as Bobby - is one of Tengs best friends. A frequent joker who seldom takes anything seriously, and is frequently teased for his weight. The fact that he really likes to eat does little to stave off those remarks. In one episode, he was referred to as Captain Baboy (baboy, meaning pig in English language), in reference to his compulsive eating habits. Bobby is aware of Tengs superheroic alter ego, and is his confidant. Ricky Davao and Jackie Lou Blanco respectively as Cesar and Sandra Magtanggol - are Tengs adoptive parents. Teng's place in the family was a decision made by Cesars father, Lolo Aloy, and as such their feelings toward him are rather conflicted. Sandra refuses to accept Teng, let alone as a replacement child for Clarisse, the daughter she lost many years ago. Cesar is generally sympathetic, but avoids making such a sentiment too obvious to Sandra. Paolo Bediones as Captain B/Prof. Brando - He is the biological father of Arell/Teng. Rebelled against the General after finding that the General is planning for evil. Angel Aquino as Barbara/Snooky Serna as Mrs. B - is the wife of Viel Villian, and stepmother to his sons. She had little memory of her life before she became a part of the Villian family. When she recovers her memories, she realizes that she was Mrs. B and the birth mother of Arell but was separated from him upon re-entry into the 20th century. She was surgically altered by Viel and it is implied that he is also responsible for maintaining her memory gaps. She eventually finds out that Captain Barbell is Teng, who is also Arell, her son shes been looking for. Gloria Sevilla as Lola Carmela “Melay” Magtanggol - is the compassionate and kind grandmother of Teng and the mother of Cesar. In Teng's childhood, She and her husband Lolo Aloy found him and decide to adopt him as their own. She is caring and protective to Teng from Sandra's abuse to him. Sunshine Dizon as Clarisse Magtanggol/Blanca/Ex-O - is the mean-spirited and resentful daughter of Cesar and Sandra. She is the half-sister and a typical bully to Teng, who physically maltreats him for stealing away her Lolo Aloy's attention and was bitter towards him for being adopted, during their childhood. During an incident, she fell off the cliff by one of her classmates while they were harassing Teng. Moments after her disappearance, she was found in a lake by Bobby and Kit, with no memory of her past. The two named her “Blanca” because she has virtually no recall of her life prior to being found. After remembering who she was, Blanca was finally reunited with her family.

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