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This action-packed crime series takes a step by step journey through Britain's most renowned robberies. Can bank robbers and diamond busters get away with the prefect crime? Each programme explores what happened across a selection of Britain's biggest heists and asks the crucial question; could they have really pulled it off and escaped with the cash?

Britain's Biggest Heists - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-07

Britain's Biggest Heists - Millennium Dome raid - Netflix

The Millennium Dome raid was an attempted robbery of the Millennium Dome's diamond exhibition in Greenwich, South East London occurring on 7 November 2000. A local gang planned to ram-raid the De Beers diamond exhibition which was being held in the dome at the time. The gang had then planned to escape via the Thames in a speedboat. The De Beers diamond exhibition had a number of jewels on display, including the Millennium Star, a flawless 203.04 carats (40.608 g) gem with an estimated worth of £200 million and considered one of the most perfect gems in the world. Also on display were priceless blue diamonds. The attempted robbery was foiled by the Flying Squad of the Metropolitan Police Service, as a result of information from Kent Police Serious Crime who already had the gang members under surveillance for their suspected roles in a number of unsuccessful armoured vehicle robberies. The operation to foil the robbery was the biggest operation undertaken in the Flying Squad's history and at trial the judge in the case commended the way it was carried out. If the heist had succeeded, then with a haul of £350 million worth of diamonds, it would have become the biggest robbery in history at the time.

Britain's Biggest Heists - In popular culture - Netflix

Dome Raiders: How Scotland Yard Foiled the Greatest Robbery of All Time, a book by Detective Superintendent Jon Shatford and William Doyle, details the raid. The Crime & Investigation Network, as part of their series on Britain's Biggest Heists, ran an episode which featured the Millennium Dome raid. This episode includes CCTV footage of the raid taking place, as well as footage recorded by undercover police at the time. Kris Hollington, a Sunday Times bestselling author and freelance journalist, wrote a book entitled Diamond Geezers: The Inside Story of the Crime of the Millennium. The book tells the story of the raid and contains interviews with the police and De Beers.

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